Complexe Aromatique – 100 ml

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High quality essential oils with multiple benefits for health and well-being.

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Essential oils help clear your airways and regenerate and cleanse the air in your home. Our aromatic essential oil blend is made up of high-quality essential oils, many of which come from organic farming. Among the oils that make up this formula you can find those of Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus. This oil can also be applied locally to relieve mosquito bites or tired feet.

Ingredients & *organic ingredients:

Propylene glycol
Olive Tree fruit extract*
Wheat germ oil
Aloe leaf extract*
Rosemary leaf extract*
Lavander flower/leaf/stem extract*
Sweet Orange peel extract*
Lemon peel extract*
Sage leaf extract*
Myrtle leaf extract*
Eucalyptus leaf oil
Wild Mint leaf oil
Camphor Tree bark oil
Scots Pine leaf oil
Ceylon Citronella grass oil
Lemon Balm extract
Thyme extract
Mediterranean Cypress cone extract
Silver Birch leaf extract
Common Juniper extract
St John’s-wort extract
Yarrow extract
Immortelle extract
German Chamomile flower extract
Marigold flower extract
Horse-chestnut extract
Asiatic Pennywort extract
Bilberry extract
Ivy extract
Butcher’s-broom extract
Ceylon Cinnamon bark oil

Recommended dose: Apply a few drops to the affected area or before and after an effort and massage for 2 minutes.
Can also be used to purify the air and atmosphere of your house and office and create an olfactory ambience.

Caution: For external use only, do not swallow and avoid contact with eyes.