Lumina Pulser Kit

199,000.00 inc. VAT

Medical device with patented technologies.


The Pulsed Magnetic Field, your wellness partner!

Pulsed magnetic therapy and polarised-light phototherapy

Pulsed magnetic therapy acts on the several billion living cells that make up the human body. Each cell has a slight electrical potential and the pulsed magnetic field penetrates the body, influencing the electrical potential of the cells and stimulating them so they become active. The combination of polarised-light and pulsed magnetic therapy provides significantly better conditions for the overall success of treatment. This treatment is used extensively by practitioners in the field of sports medicine.

Several international scientific studies have proven the efficiency and safety of “Pulsed Magnetic Field” technology. The Ecosystem laboratory in France has patented NTS technology (patent n°1500410), which enables an extremely precise frequency scan. Magnetic fields generated by the Lumina provide fast and efficient results.


The ultra low-frequency pulsed magnetic field (from 1 to 162 Hertz) provides several therapeutic effects to treat health problems. The effects can be summarised in 6 treatment groups:

  • pain-relieving (analgesic)
  • myo-relaxing (relief from spasms)
  • anti-swelling (anti-oedema)
  • vasodilating (widening of blood vessels)
  • detoxifying (eliminating harmful substances)
  • healing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic

Recommended use: 2 to 3 sessions daily with a minimum of 10 sessions / treatment.

  • Short-term health issues: 20 to 30 sessions
  • Chronic conditions: continued sessions (long-term)

Device features:

  • 1 magnetic therapy device of 108 programs (32 basic programs and 76 medical programs)
  • 1 3D magnetic field therapy applicator
  • 1 local applicator (combination of both pulsed magnetic field and therapeutic light)
  • 1 magnetic tester

Warranty: 2 years parts and labour