Nat’Forme – 60 caps

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Food supplement providing vitamins, minerals, trace elements and natural antioxidants.

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Nat’Forme is a food supplement considered to provide balanced supplementation with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and natural antioxidants. It is made from natural ingredients selected for their nutritional qualities and their complementary antioxidant properties, as well as for their trace element content.


Acerola extract: 213.3 mg (of which 53.3 mg is vitamin C)
Marine magnesium oxide: 125 mg
Ginkgo leaf: 133.3 mg
Chlorella: 100 mg
Fucus thallus extract: 33.3 mg (of which 50 μg is iodine)
Zinc citrate: 9.1 mg
Selenium yeast: 46.7 μg
Grape seed extract: 20 mg (of which 3,6 mg is OPC)
Maritime Pine bark extract: 13.3 mg
Vitamin E: 4,5 mg
Dunaliella extract: 6 mg
Natural additives: Hypromellose (vegetable coating), Magnesium stearate (vegetable anticaking agent).

Recommended dose: 2 capsules daily (breakfast and lunch).

CautionIf you are taking anticoagulant medicine, please consult your doctor before using this product.